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Top new questions this week:

Data sources for species co-occurrences in soundscapes?

I'd like to find online data in which 2 different species sing/call in the same soundscape. This is not a machine learning question! - I'm looking for data that have already been tagged with those ...

dataset data-mining  
user avatar asked by Dan Stowell Score of 6

Can I use MEMS microphones to record underwater sounds?

I am looking for a very cheap way to record sound underwater. I am mostly interested in recording low frequencies (i.e. ~ [10 - 5000] Hz). I have seen a few papers on MEMS technology to record sound ...

hydrophone underwater  
user avatar asked by Xavier Mouy Score of 3
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What soundscape visualizations are useful for assessing biodiversity over long time periods (>1 year)

I'm interested in effective methods to visualize and subsequently analyze long-term acoustic datasets, including those from disparate datasets. Are there preferred color schemes that work well for ...

analysis soundscape  
user avatar asked by Carrie Wall Score of 17
user avatar answered by EcologyTom Score of 4

Why divide by average of window when calculating spectrum of signal?

When creating the spectrum of a signal, I understand that applying a window function can help with spectral leakage to get a more accurate picture of the frequency distribution. But sometimes I've ...

fft window spectrum  
user avatar asked by Taiki Sakai Score of 8
user avatar answered by Rasmus Score of 3

How do I synthesise an arbitrary frequency-modulated sound?

I'd like to synthesise a series of bat social-call like sounds (that look 'wavy' on the spectrogram, (see schematic below). I'm looking to test my acoustic analyses with synthetic audio , and being ...

analysis modelling  
user avatar asked by Thejasvi Score of 10
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 7

Can a single tympanal ear detect the direction or distance from which a sound comes?

Are we able to detect the direction or the distance from which a sound comes with just one ear? I don't know if the inner ear works as a single point sensor or if it has multiple sensitive regions, ...

hearing sound acoustic  
user avatar asked by skan Score of 8
user avatar answered by Noil Score of 7

How to reduce the unwanted wave noise in Hydrophone recordings?

Many times hydrophone recording contains unwanted noise like 'wave noise'. How to deal with this noise at the source? Is there any way to deal with this in the analysis stage? as abrupt noise impacts ...

noise hydrophone water marine  
user avatar asked by Sougata Sadhukhan Score of 18
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 7

How to start exploring possibilities of using smartphones as recording devices?

I am thinking about starting to explore use of smartphones (Android, iOS) for in-field sound recording for amateur citizen-science. I was not able to find technical information about existing projects....

recording calibration smartphone citizen-science amateur  
user avatar asked by pabouk - Ukraine stay strong Score of 16
user avatar answered by Dan Stowell Score of 16

Error using split_acoustic_data() in R package ohun

INITIAL POST: One of my first times here. I am trying to use a function called split_acoustic_data() in ohun, an R package for processing bioacoustic data. The process involves use of a class of ...

r ohun warbler  
user avatar asked by ksh530 Score of 7
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