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Recommendations for external microphone for smartphone for casual recordings (birds, frogs, bats if possible?)

I would like to get a better microphone for my smartphone for recording wildlife around my home and when out camping. This question asked about very inexpensive accessories, but in this case, I am ...

recording microphone hardware smartphone recommendations  
user avatar asked by selene Score of 19
user avatar answered by Tristan Louth-Robins Score of 9

What affordable hydrophone options exist for in-the-field listening?

I am looking to purchase a hydrophone and speaker system that I can use to identify singing humpback whales while at sea, in order to deploy different tags to better understand song behavior on ...

fieldwork hydrophone realtime  
user avatar asked by Bark95 Score of 10
user avatar answered by Audrey Looby Score of 8

In PAMGuard how do you paste a known Spectrum of Species over Click Detection Spectrum?

When looking at PAMGuard Viewer (Version 2.02.02) and classifying new species events after running a click detector I know there is a way to paste an example spectrum on top of the 'Click Spectrum' ...

pamguard troubleshooting  
user avatar asked by Alexandra Fiske Score of 11
user avatar answered by etgriffiths Score of 5

Can a single tympanal ear detect the direction or distance from which a sound comes?

Are we able to detect the direction or the distance from which a sound comes with just one ear? I don't know if the inner ear works as a single point sensor or if it has multiple sensitive regions, ...

hearing sound acoustic  
user avatar asked by skan Score of 10
user avatar answered by Noil Score of 9

Where are BirdNET saved observation sound snippets saved on an iPhone?

I've recorded some sounds using the app BirdNET ( and would like to share/export some of the recorded observations I made and saved. I cannot find them within my iPhone's ...

air bird birdnet  
user avatar asked by selene Score of 13
user avatar answered by CosmicSpittle Score of 8

How long do hydrophone (/microphone) calibrations last for?

A colleague asked the room this the other day and nobody could confidently answer this... How long, after an acoustic sensor has been calibrated, is its calibration curve trustworthy for? There was ...

calibration microphone hydrophone  
user avatar asked by Chloe Score of 12
user avatar answered by ChrisP Score of 6

Spectrograms with ggplot2?

My question is related to this one I'm looking for a way of plotting beautiful spectrograms that would be compatible with ggplot2 in R, so that I can add some lines, points, annotations, or control ...

r spectrogram  
user avatar asked by lframond Score of 3
user avatar answered by DeniseR Score of 8

Can you answer these questions?

Does anyone have a translated copy of Schevchenko's 1975 paper on interactions between killer whales and other cetaceans?

I am looking for a translated copy of this citation: Shevchenko, V. I. "The nature of the interrelationships between killer whales and other cetaceans." Morskie Mlekopitayshchie Chast 2 (...

historicalpaper manuscript  
user avatar asked by etgriffiths Score of 1

What is the origin of this underwater low-frequency upsweep signal?

I've been trying to identify underwater sounds recorded in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean, at a 500 Hz sampling rate. I observed this low-frequency upsweep that was only produced once, but it shows ...

underwater species-identification  
user avatar asked by Andreia Pereira Score of 2
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