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Top new questions this week:

How to convert relative db to db SPL knowing microphone specifications?

Similarly to this discussion (Is it common to have a negative-positive dB range in underwater spectrograms?), I used the 'seewave' R package to plot the below spectrograms. I limited the coloured ...

r microphone spectrogram spl db  
user avatar asked by Andrea Score of 5
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 3

Does anyone know if there's a PAM data library for prawn/shrimp behavioural noises?

First stack exchange post ever, please excuse any breach of convention. Has anyone seen any PAM libraries containing noises from prawn (Penaeus Monodon specifically) or shrimps?

pam dataset invertebrates  
user avatar asked by A Learning Prawn Score of 1
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Improving whistle detection rates in PAMGuard

I'm new to PAMGuard and have been trying to use it to detect whistles (of common & Atlantic white-sided dolphins) and I've been having issues with detection accuracy. I'm running the whistle and ...

pam pamguard dolphins whistles whistle-moan-detector  
user avatar asked by Maia D'Souza Score of 7
user avatar answered by ChrisP Score of 5

Relevant conferences for bioacoustics?

Last week I was at a conference in Berlin entitled "Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life". I was wondering, what other conferences are relevant to the bioacoustics community. I have listed a few ...

noise dissemination  
user avatar asked by Chloe Score of 26
user avatar answered by selene Score of 19

Towed Hydrophone Array Hardware Options

Periodically I am asked for recommendations on where to purchase a towed hydrophone array, or how to build one. For years we developed/built towed arrays and have shared these methods (last version ...

hydrophone hardware towed  
user avatar asked by Shannon Score of 14
user avatar answered by Carly Batist Score of 5

What animals can be individually identified through their vocalisations? And to what extent?

Like humans, many animals have unique voices through which we can identify them individually. This information is beneficial in non-invasive tracking, population/density estimation and much more. But ...

analysis identification animals  
user avatar asked by Sougata Sadhukhan Score of 14
user avatar answered by Thejasvi Score of 8

What is the purpose of overlapping windows in acoustic signal processing?

When reading the methods sections of bioacoustics papers, I often see a window length and % overlap reported in the description of how the spectral analysis was done. What is the purpose of this? ...

analysis best-practice processing window  
user avatar asked by Chloe Score of 13
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 11

Are there any advantages to collecting data at a sampling rate higher than a recording device can physically record?

Background: As an example, the Swift recording device can record at a sampling rate up to 96 kHz (with a corresponding effective rate of 48 kHz). However, the highest frequency response that the ...

user avatar asked by Stu Smith Score of 5
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 4

What is an easy way to split .wav files using R or Matlab?

I have some very long .wav files that are taking a long time to process. There are only short sections within this longer file that I'm interested in analysing. Is there an efficient way to split ...

analysis r wav matlab  
user avatar asked by EmmaL Score of 24
user avatar answered by Amandine Gasc Score of 19
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