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Tools to visualize and compare species detections in long-term recordings

I am looking for a tool to visualize detections (species of choice) in long-term recordings (e.g. over month, over year). I have manual annotations of many files produced in Raven Pro. Raven selection ...

automated-detection annotations raven  
user avatar asked by Pavel Linhart Score of 10

Using animal sounds to inspire conservation efforts in the public? A useful example

Building off of this question on bioacoustics in art media, how can we effectively work with more creatives to help inspire conservation? Music producer So Wylie had a bit of a viral moment when she ...

discussion conservation art-science outreach  
user avatar asked by etgriffiths Score of 9
user avatar answered by Noil Score of 4

Duty Cycling on FPOD

I am attempting to program an FPODs software to record periodically at 1 min out of 2, but when we save the specific settings file "F_SETS.txt", the POD doesn't read it automatically (as I ...

software code  
user avatar asked by Hannah Score of 6
user avatar answered by NickT Score of 4

How best to attach piezzo sensors to a leaf to measure vibration?

I'd like to measure with a cheap piezoelectric disk the vibration signals sent by whiteflies when resting on leaves. These disks are usually pretty big (I have not found any less 2cm diameter) and ...

recording insect vibrometer biotremology impedance  
user avatar asked by Noil Score of 4
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 0

Scrolling spectrogram with high resolution video or…

I’m looking for a way to review very high resolution video alongside a scrolling spectrogram of the associated audio track. Some DAWs that have spectrograms (Adobe Audition,Reaper) allow for ...

user avatar asked by Marc D Score of 4
user avatar answered by WMXZ Score of 2

What is the threshold to distinguish a birdsong dialect?

I was wondering how researchers are able to establish that a geographic song variation in terrestrial birds is actually a song dialect. What is the threshold of acoustic indices which could identify ...

terrestrial birdsong acoustic-indices  
user avatar asked by ana-alcantara Score of 3
user avatar answered by Dan Stowell Score of 2

Recording of whitefly vibrations: "piezo" versus "low-noise microphone with subtrate-air diffusion"

Whiteflies communicate before and during mating through abdomen oscillations which vibrations are believed to propagate mostly in the leaf (~100-400 Hz). They are very low-energy signals which are ...

recording noise microphone insect vibrometer  
user avatar asked by Noil Score of 1
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