I am curious is there is a good list of governmental bodies that have enacted or updated policies based on bioacoustic research. I image there have been a lot of white and gray papers in various counties, in their native languages, that makes understanding how effective the field is in driving governmental conservative efforts difficult. Are there any good overseeing bodies or publications that study this?

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I don't know about an overall summary, but I am aware of some specific examples.

Due to research on noise in the marine environment, the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) includes Descriptor 11, concerning underwater noise. The MSFD sets governmental targets to achieve 'Good Environmental Status's in EU waters, and creates incentives for member states to hit environmental protection goals. It isn't perfect, but it is something.

On a smaller scale, in Carretta et al., 2008, found that pingers dramatically reduce beaked whale bycatch in the gill net fishery. On the US west coast, gill net fishers use pingers as a result.


Carretta, J., Barlow, J., & Enriquez, L. (2008). Acoustic pingers eliminate beaked whale bycatch in a gill net fishery. Publications, Agencies and Staff of the US Department of Commerce, 47.


The NOAA Ocean Noise Strategy identifies a vision for

'addressing ocean noise impacts to the species, ecosystems and places it is entrusted to protect and guide science and management actions towards that vision'

They lay out a Strategic Roadmap and support a variety of tools for scientists and managers related to ocean noise (including . While this is a U.S. government agency focused on issues related to the U.S., it relies on a global body of research.

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