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4 answers

Can a single tympanal ear detect the direction or distance from which a sound comes?

Are we able to detect the direction or the distance from which a sound comes with just one ear? I don't know if the inner ear works as a single point sensor or if it has multiple sensitive regions, ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Many time Hydrophone recording consist of Chain noise at regular interval. How to minimize this unintended sounds?

I was analyzing some marine data from the Red sea. I found some sound structures which didn't look like any biophony. When I listen to this sound, it looked like some chain noise. since I didn't have ...
12 votes
2 answers

Modeling acoustic propagation for underwater environment

I've been wanting to model the acoustic propogation in my study area (a 40 km2 bay) with python/fortran or matlab. The goal is to see how bathymetry, temperature/density of water, and bottom ...
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