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2 answers

How much does inner city noise mask bat echolocation?

When traveling in a very busy,very loud city recently, I noticed a few small bats clearly feeding on bugs attracted to a street lamp. I was on a party street, and there was loud music pouring out of ...
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Anyone have experience using frequency trigger in AudioMoth?

I was curious if anyone has used the frequency trigger in AudioMoth and if they found it functioned well? I’m exploring the idea of using it to detect lower frequency anthrophony (30-200 hz) to ...
12 votes
2 answers

Selecting an Accurate Before-During-After Analytical Framework

I would like to develop a study to look for potential effects of anthropogenic activities on marine mammal species using data from a single hydrophone. I know this limits me in terms of the way I can ...
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3 answers

How to incorporate audiogram functions into weighted sound exposure levels based on different hearing groups?

Not all marine mammals have the same hearing abilities, therefore National Marine Fisheries (2020) recommends using audiogram-weighting for sound exposure levels (SELs) based on different marine ...
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Where can I find the official "limits" on what noise levels cause harm in marine mammals in US waters?

The effects of noise on marine life is a huge area of study (it even has its own conference!) but I find I'm very overwhelmed when trying to explain to a non-biologist or non-acoustician what those ...
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