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Calibrate automatic recorders: advice for reliable / reproducible workflow?

I would like to get the ambient noise levels of a habitat that I have been monitoring for some time (monitoring birds, 0-16 kHz). For this, I want to calibrate my recorders and get their sensitivity ...
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11 votes
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Recording intensity reduced in Audiomoth field waterproof case

I recently purchased some Audiomoths with their waterproof cases for terrestrial recordings. I did run some test in the lab recording my simple voice without and with the case. I payed attention to ...
5 votes
2 answers

Requesting your feedback on ideas regarding the utility of PAM devices

I am a master's student working on mixed-species bird flocks in the eastern Himalayan tropical forests. For some administrative and interpersonal reasons, our lab has ended up with a bunch (~25) of ...
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External mics for AudioMoths

I've been using AudioMoths to record soundscapes at various sites, and then running those recordings through BirdNet to get an estimate of what bird species are present. I've been having some issues ...
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2 answers

What is the AudioMoth absolute sensitivity in V/Pa?

How can I know the absolute sensitivity in V/Pa of AudioMoths (when used alone and also when used in the manufacturer's case) and its relation to the gain setting? A value measured at 1kHz or a full ...
11 votes
1 answer

Anyone have experience using frequency trigger in AudioMoth?

I was curious if anyone has used the frequency trigger in AudioMoth and if they found it functioned well? I’m exploring the idea of using it to detect lower frequency anthrophony (30-200 hz) to ...
8 votes
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Differences in length of time Audiomoths record with same batteries/SD cards/settings?

I deployed 26 Audiomoths in my last field season and am just starting to organize the data. I've noticed that there seems to be a LOT of variation in the amount of time each device recorded - the ...
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