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Are there available raw model weights for bat detector / classifier?

I will need to analyze some soundscape data from Norway and it is likely that bats are present in the area. I was wondering if there was any available model trained for bat detection or ideally bat ...
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How much does inner city noise mask bat echolocation?

When traveling in a very busy,very loud city recently, I noticed a few small bats clearly feeding on bugs attracted to a street lamp. I was on a party street, and there was loud music pouring out of ...
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What are the automated bat identification (acoustics) tools available?

Bat acoustics research started as early as the 1970s. Many researchers and manufacturers have developed automated bat detectors. These tools are effective ways to assess an ecological system. ...
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Methods to segment CF and FM components of a call?

I have single-channel recordings of horseshoe/rhinolophid bats which have call shapes with a 'tabletop' or 'staple-pin' shape. (See spectrogram below). The flat portion is the 'constant-frequency' ...
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