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Questions related to collecting, analyzing & interpreting bird vocalizations; best practices in ornithology for bioacoustics (hardware, software & otherwise)

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Bioacoustics STEM Education Survey

I am a masters student in CWU's Primate Behavior & Ecology program. I am interested in Bioacoustics and STEM education. I've noticed there can be quite a learning curve for undergraduates who are ...
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Recording parrots, would a Zoom H4N suffice?

I am working on my undergrad thesis with geographical variations on parrot vocalizations.I originally designed my study with Audiomoths because I had just gotten some. However, I now realized that ...
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Searching natural examples of [Bird A -- background -- Bird B]

I am looking for a simple-minded audio example to demonstrate the abilities of an automatic bird species classifier. What I have in mind is an audio scene which is organized like this: Bird A for 10-...
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Mic Recommendations for Hummingbird Chip Notes?

I am doing my honors thesis on Anna's Hummingbird chip notes. I need to capture clean chip notes in the field. They are pretty distinct vocalizations, but part of my research is quantifying the ...
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Differences/similarities between BirdNET and Merlin

I am relatively new to the bird bioacoustics world (I'm a primatologist by trade but starting a side project with bird vocals from passive acoustic data I've got from Madagascar) and was a bit ...
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Pros and cons directional mic vs parabola

While searching through the bird song literature, I realized there are two schools for recording songs. Some people use a directional microphone and some people use a parabola. I was wondering why to ...
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Bird call/song adjustment to the physical environment

Do birds alter their calls/songs when they are in open areas vs in closed areas (e.g., grassland vs forest)? This kind of habitat based response is seen a lot in active sensing animals (bats emit ...
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Is it cruel/unethical to playback bird sounds to birds in my yard?

I am an underwater acoustician…so am very not up to speed with the bird acoustics world. However, I started enjoying bird watching in my back yard at the start of the pandemic. I use the Merlin app to ...
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Best methods to categorize calls

I have a dateset of many call types from one species and I would like to categorize the call types. I know I have a few different options, but statistically I was wondering what would be the best ...
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Avian infrasonic navigation cues

There is scattered information on avian infrasonic navigation cues - mostly having to do with flight decision responses driven by barometric conditions. I am interested in whether infrasonic noise ...
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Should we just trash files with audio saturation/clipping?

I need to conduct some soundscape analysis collected in bird colonies on remote islets. Seabirds are loud! I end up with files with regular audio saturation/clipping. The waveform is pretty obvious. ...
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Estimating distance accurately in the field for bird call source levels?

I'd like to estimate the distance at which the bird is singing from the point of recording, to then finally get the source level from one microphone. I've seen studies, and heard from colleagues use ...
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Where are BirdNET saved observation sound snippets saved on an iPhone?

I've recorded some sounds using the app BirdNET ( and would like to share/export some of the recorded observations I made and saved. I cannot find them within my iPhone's ...
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Data augmentation strategies for bioacoustics machine learning

When training a Neural Network for bioacoustics classification tasks I usually follow a data augmentation pipeline which is composed of: Changes in sound to noise ratio: for instance, if my sound ...
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Does the type of bird call significantly effect localization

I initially became interested in the idea of acoustically tracking birds when in San Diego where there are a lot of wild parrots. Their calls are very impulsive, and combined with how loud the birds ...
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Do common swifts (Apus apus) echolocate?

I'm seeing and hearing a lot of activity of common swifts (Apus apus) here in Europe, and the flight and call behaviour reminds me a lot of echolocating bats hunting insects. (The call has strong high-...
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