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8 votes
2 answers

Fuzzy clustering code for vocal repertoire analysis/classification?

I study a lemur species that has pretty graded calls, and it can be difficult to objectively draw the line between what is and is not a different call type. I've seen some recent work looking at fuzzy ...
8 votes
2 answers

Duty Cycling on FPOD

I am attempting to program an FPODs software to record periodically at 1 min out of 2, but when we save the specific settings file "F_SETS.txt", the POD doesn't read it automatically (as I ...
36 votes
8 answers

MATLAB versus Python versus R - what are the advantages and disadvanatges for bioacoustics? [closed]

MATLAB, Python and R are commonly used in bioacoustics. Whilst all three languages are excellent choices, it is difficult to ask entrants into bioacoustics to learn all three. I have tried to put ...