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Does anyone know if there's a PAM data library for prawn/shrimp behavioural noises?

First stack exchange post ever, please excuse any breach of convention. Has anyone seen any PAM libraries containing noises from prawn (Penaeus Monodon specifically) or shrimps?
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9 votes
4 answers

Data sources for species co-occurrences in soundscapes?

I'd like to find online data in which 2 different species sing/call in the same soundscape. This is not a machine learning question! - I'm looking for data that have already been tagged with those ...
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Is there a shared open access Bioacoustics platform?

I am searching for a Bioacoustics platform where I can download and upload free bioacoustic data. It would have to be open data that can be shared and used freely for other venues such as filmmakers. ...
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What non-bird datasets are available (No labels needed)

What I found so far was either bird datasets (xeno-canto or all except the bees from the bioacoustics dataset page) or bees (also on the bioacoustics dataset page). I know there is the ...
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Datasets with time stamps in animal vocalisations (onset times/onset and offset/inter-{call, click, syllable}-intervals), any suggestions?

I'm looking at the statistics of inter-{call, click, syllable, onset}- intervals in animal vocalizations. Would anyone know where I could find such datasets? These could be the annotation files with ...
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24 votes
6 answers

Is there any library that gathers marine species vocalizations?

I would like to automatize the analysis of marine soundscapes by training a neural network that can detect and identify marine species. However, I need a large amount of training data to build such ...