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Can I convert dB(A) into dB?

Suppose I have a recorded sound, from which I can calculate a power spectrum, along with the Received Level of that sound measured in dB(A). Is there a realistic way to back-calculate the non-weighted ...
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What are linear decibels (dBL) and how do they compare to standard dB SPL?

I'm reading through an EIS that has a blast monitoring section where blasts are characterized by Peak Pressure Level (PPL) measured in linear decibels (dBL). I cannot find a good definition of this ...
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If I don't know the source level of an animal's vocalization, is there still a meaningful way to measure how loud the signal is?

I am working with a remote species, and as far as I am aware there is no data on source levels or an audiogram available. We placed the single recorder within a breeding area and have, at multiple ...
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