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PamGuard Click Train Detector is not colouring detected click trains

I have just started to do some tests in the PamGuard Click Train Detector. I ran some data from Riso’s dolphin that has a lot of click trains. For starting, I kept the default configuration for ...
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SoundTrap ST600 click detector for delphinids and porpoises

We are deploying a number of SoundTrap ST600s and are currently trying to determine the best parameters for the click detector. We are most likely to encounter Harbour Porpoise and Bottlenose Dolphins,...
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Could I use the click train identification detector of pamguard when I only have one channel (one hydrophone)?

I have tried to detect click trains of dolphins in my audio file using the click train identification, but it doesn't detect any click trains. (The recording contains clicks of the species Tursiops ...
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How to calculate 10 dB duration in R

I'm working with dolphins echolocation clicks and I'm trying to get the duration of each click. One criteria used for the duration is to get the points where the signal declines 10dB to both sides ...
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What contributes to differences in click structure for populations of the same species?

I am examining the case of Pacific White-sided Dolphins as an example. Reading Melissa Soldvevilla's 2017 paper sparked my interest in this topic. In the paper, 'Geographic variation in Risso’s ...
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Difference between echolocation clicks, click trains, click series, terminal buzz and burst pulses (in cetaceans)

What is the best way to distinguish between those? Is the distinction based solely on ICI (inter-click-interval) and if so, what is the ICI range for a click train versus a burst pulse for example? (&...
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Simultaneous whistles and clicks?

Does anybody know if cetaceans can produce simultaneous click and whistle sounds? In case they can't, if a recording shows simultaneous clicks and whistle sound can we infer that there are, at least, ...
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Echolocation Click Measurement

I am looking for some advice regarding software/code that is appropriate for obtaining precise measurements of echolocation click parameters (peak frequency, 3 and 10 dB bandwidth, etc.). While I know ...
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