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Resources specific to bioacoustics fieldwork in terrestrial settings

I'm a practitioner who has come into bioacoustics from a non-ecology background, as my practice up to 2020 was largely confined to sound art, field recording and holistic aspects of acoustic ecology. ...
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Sustainable alternatives to sonobuoys?

Sonobuoys are expendable temporary hydrophones typically used by the military, but they can and are used for real-time tracking and localization of vocalizing marine animals. There are obvious ...
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2 answers

Permits for projecting sounds underwater?

I was recently scheduled to do some fieldwork in Canada, and this started with a calibration of our recording equipment. The calibration entailed projecting simulated clicks (from 10-150 kHz) to our ...
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What are the ethics of sound recording?

What are the ethics around the recording of "wildlife" sounds? What about in situations where anthropogenic noise may also be recorded? What overlap (if any) do these concerns have with ...
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Is it cruel/unethical to playback bird sounds to birds in my yard?

I am an underwater acoustician…so am very not up to speed with the bird acoustics world. However, I started enjoying bird watching in my back yard at the start of the pandemic. I use the Merlin app to ...
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