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Very high frequency sounds in Northern France

community, We have in the North of France several recordings full of very high frequencies dolphin types sounds (like clicks, whistles, calls?, burst pulses. etc...) with almost all frequencies above ...
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How to get rid of duplicated frequency values in Raven Pro?

I use Raven Pro for my sound analysis, and I wanted to measure the peak frequency of the syllables that I selected. You probably know that, the measurements are automatic, I select the measurements ...
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20 votes
4 answers

How does PSD accuracy change with FFT size?

I know that as FFT size is increased, spectral (frequency) resolution increases and temporal resolution decreases (and vice versa when FFT size is decreased). ...
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Minimum hydrophone spacing for low frequency bearing estimation

What minimum spacing is required to get good bearing estimations from a triangular hydrophone array for low frequency (20-200Hz) baleen whale calls?
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