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Are there any (natural) ears that are sensitive to particle acceleration?

I know 2 types of ears in the animal kingdom: tympanal ears to detect the force exerted by air particles on a surface a.k.a. sound pressure (e.g. in mammals, birds, some insects, etc) hairs/antennal ...
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Can a single tympanal ear detect the direction or distance from which a sound comes?

Are we able to detect the direction or the distance from which a sound comes with just one ear? I don't know if the inner ear works as a single point sensor or if it has multiple sensitive regions, ...
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Could some dinosaurs have outer ears (auricles/pinnae)?

In addition to potentially sense vibration through the ground, dinosaurs are believed to have had ears, located on the head, with a frequency sensitivity ranging up to a couple of kHz. Did they have ...
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how far does the analogy between echolocation and vision go?

In popular culture and layman scientific explanations echolocation is often seen as a literal 'auditory version' of the visual sensory modality. Also perhaps given the human visual dominance, many of ...
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Tools to simulate non-human mammalian hearing?

I'd like to run simulations of a bat's (and perhaps other mammals too later) peripheral auditory system. The input would be the 'input sounds' (synthetic signals, ambient noise, social vocalisations) ...
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How to incorporate audiogram functions into weighted sound exposure levels based on different hearing groups?

Not all marine mammals have the same hearing abilities, therefore National Marine Fisheries (2020) recommends using audiogram-weighting for sound exposure levels (SELs) based on different marine ...
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