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Many time Hydrophone recording consist of Chain noise at regular interval. How to minimize this unintended sounds?

I was analyzing some marine data from the Red sea. I found some sound structures which didn't look like any biophony. When I listen to this sound, it looked like some chain noise. since I didn't have ...
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Low cost hydrophones for quantitative sound pressure measurements?

Has anyone experience with using low-cost hydrophones, for example the Acquarian Audio H2a, and use a calibration measurements, for example by comparing to a Brüel Kjaer 8106, to get quantitative ...
18 votes
6 answers

How to reduce the unwanted wave noise in Hydrophone recordings?

Many times hydrophone recording contains unwanted noise like 'wave noise'. How to deal with this noise at the source? Is there any way to deal with this in the analysis stage? as abrupt noise impacts ...
14 votes
2 answers

Alternative approaches to minimize strumming in underwater recordings

Strumming is low frequency noise created by the vibration of a cable (see this question on how to identify strumming). According to The Practical Guide for Underwater Noise Measurement, strum can be ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How to identify cable strumming in underwater recordings?

Cable strumming (Section 4.3.2 in Practical Guide for Underwater Noise Measurement): Cable strum occurs when cables are pulled taut by the action of currents, and the cable is then caused to vibrate ...
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2 answers

ID guide for freshwater pond hydrophone sounds

What resources are available to help identify common sounds from freshwater pond hydrophone recordings? I can identify a number of distinct patterns which I imagine are probably characteristic of ...
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16 votes
5 answers

Calibrated vs. Non-calibrated Hydrophone Use

I am interested in collecting underwater acoustic data from a small boat and am finding the cost difference to be quite significant between calibrated and non-calibrated hydrophones. What are the ...
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12 votes
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Towed Hydrophone Array Hardware Options

Periodically I am asked for recommendations on where to purchase a towed hydrophone array, or how to build one. For years we developed/built towed arrays and have shared these methods (last version ...
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ST600 hardware failures

We purchased some SoundTrap ST600s and have had an uncharacteristically high number of issues. Most recently, one flooded and another had a battery blow. We aren't sure whether the latter was caused ...
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2 answers

Comparing energy levels from two different hydrophones

I have two hydrophones to record the acoustic landscape of my study area. The two hydrophones have different sensitivities so I get different dB values for the same acoustic events. To get the energy ...
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