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Very high frequency sounds in Northern France

community, We have in the North of France several recordings full of very high frequencies dolphin types sounds (like clicks, whistles, calls?, burst pulses. etc...) with almost all frequencies above ...
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Low-Frequency (likely baleen whale) Sound from Unknown Source - Oregon coast

Greetings Bioacoustics Community! I am looking for a bit of input regarding a set of low-frequency variable calls that are likely of baleen whale origin. The data were collected in April of 2023 off ...
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Help Identifying Low-Frequency Sound

hoping to get some assistance identifying this sound type. I'm currently in the process of reviewing some data collected from a stationary hydrophone off the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island, ...
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What are these underwater, high frequency (20-45 kHz), upsweep signals?

In a recording from January 2023 in northern Norway (Skjervoy), I found a strange signal, that consist of upsweeps between 20-45 kHz (see spectrogram). We were recording humpback whales in the night ...
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High Frequency broadband sound at night in a recording - can I rule out biophonic sources?

I have conducted passive acoustic monitoring at a nature reserve (a wetland, near a city and two medium-sized roads). At night only, I have a strange source of sound that goes on and off every now and ...
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Mystery Marine Animal Sound off Georgia USA in Western Atlantic

I am trying to learn the source of the sound in the spectrogram below. It has been recorded in early to late winter (January/February) on the shelf (25 m depth) off the US state of Georgia in the ...
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crackling/clicking sound from agricultural field

I was cycling by an agricultural field that had cut plants in it in southern Germany (near the Max-Planck for Or ithology) last summer. The remaining stems seemed brown and dried up. As a light ...
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Mystery marine animal vocalization in spring in the Bering Strait

I have manually analyzed acoustic data (Oct-May 2009-2021) from a moored hydrophone in the Bering Strait (65.78, -168.57) — about 15 km from Little Diomede and 24 km from mainland Alaska. The ...
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Unknown upswept pulsed sound recorded offshore Peru

What is this sound from offshore Peru? I recorded this sound offshore Peru and called it the “pacman” sound for obvious reasons. This was recorded from a towed hydrophone array from a large scale ...
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