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Thoughts on the acoustic masking impacts of a high amplitude sound that does not overlap in frequency with a signal of interest?

I have a relatively specific thought on acoustic masking, and wanted to know what others think, or if folks know of studies that have addressed this problem. When studying acoustic masking, we often ...
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how to describe temporal patterns of anthropogenic noise pollution - ama(), Ht(), and ...?

I'm looking into the effects of anthropogenic noise pollution from various sources on birds' behaviors. Human-induced sounds have different temporal patterns - broadly, from continuous to sparse in ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Should the sample rate be incorporated when calculating sound exposure levels?

A sound exposure level is defined as the integral of squared pressures, over a defined time-period and frequency range, and it is reported with units of dB re: 1 µPa$^2$s (for water-borne acoustics). ...
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How applicable are kurtosis-corrections for noise impact assessments across marine mammal functional hearing groups?

I've recently heard a lot of people talk about kurtosis (a measure of signal 'peakiness') in the context of assessing the impacts of noise exposure. (The higher the kurtosis score, the more the signal ...
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