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What soundscape metrics best capture shipping noise?

Some studies, like Haver et al 2019 use broadband measurements between 50 Hz - 1.5 kHz, but Haver et al 2020 looked for shipping noise in median power spectral densities between 10 Hz - 2 kHz, and ...
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How much do the sea-wave sounds interfere with acoustic communication in sea animals?

During storm / bad weather, sea waves produce powerful acoustic energy. In sea animals which use sounds to communicate, is there any studies about how they cope with this? As any species in a given ...
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Recording of whitefly vibrations: "piezo" versus "low-noise microphone with subtrate-air diffusion"

Whiteflies communicate before and during mating through abdomen oscillations which vibrations are believed to propagate mostly in the leaf (~100-400 Hz). They are very low-energy signals which are ...
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Detection and removing of windy events in wild acoustic recordings

I have to clean my dataset of recordings concerning an African penguin colony inhabits the South African coast. In particular, since I have recordings with days of strong wind with clipped/noisy ...
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