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2 answers

What amplitude do you use for playbacks?

When performing playback experiments with birds, is there a biologically relevant source level for song playbacks? I have read that a standard value is 90 dB @ 1 m, however I could not find a good ...
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4 answers

Acoustic luring/playbacks for restoration/recolonization

Larissa Sugai and I were recently discussing the concept of acoustic restoration in terms of using acoustic 'lures' or playbacks to accelerate re-colonization of a restored/reforested/etc. area. There ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Permits for projecting sounds underwater?

I was recently scheduled to do some fieldwork in Canada, and this started with a calibration of our recording equipment. The calibration entailed projecting simulated clicks (from 10-150 kHz) to our ...
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Reliable lousdpeaker for low frequency noise playback?

For an experiment on the impact of traffic noise on bird behaviour, I tried to playback some low frequency traffic noise with a fixed amplitude. While (trying to) adjust the noise amplitude, I ...
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Is it cruel/unethical to playback bird sounds to birds in my yard?

I am an underwater acoustician…so am very not up to speed with the bird acoustics world. However, I started enjoying bird watching in my back yard at the start of the pandemic. I use the Merlin app to ...
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