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How can I measure indisctict temporal(Pulse duration) properties of call?

I'm in my very first year of master's course and bioacoustic studies. My topic is the temporal/spectral structure of Rain call in Treefrog, which is poorly investigated for its function worldwide. ...
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How to export "filtered play" audio only on RavenPro

So I'm using RavenPro to analyse recordings from hydrophones in the indian ocean and trying to export sound clips of humpback whale calls but I wanted to know if there is a way to export filtered ...
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How to get rid of duplicated frequency values in Raven Pro?

I use Raven Pro for my sound analysis, and I wanted to measure the peak frequency of the syllables that I selected. You probably know that, the measurements are automatic, I select the measurements ...
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What method is typically used to compare whole song bouts between 3 subspecies?

I used Raven Pro and obtained 7 song parameters from the whole song selection tables. The objective is to see whether variation exists between the 3 subspecies. There's a common song motif/bout ...
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Raven Pro: how to display two different selection tables at the same time?

My first post here... Using BirdNET, I have created two selection tables, each at a different Confidence setting, for display in RavenPro. The source files are 48k, 2-channel, 16-bit signed .WAV. I ...
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Raven Batch-detector error

I'm trying to analyze a large set of data so I'm using a band limited energy batch-detector. I was running individual detection (Tools: Detector) to fine tune my detector parameters. When running a ...
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Open files stored in multiple folders in Raven Pro

I want to open multiple wav files in sequence in Raven Pro, but they are stored in multiple sub-folders (one per day). Do you know if this is possible, or if I have to save all my files in the same ...
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What statistical method should I use to see whether a birdsong changed in the span of ~20 years

For my current research, I am trying to analyze a birdsong located on two islands. For ~20 years, it was considered as one species but two years ago they were split and considered as two. I wanted to ...
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Advice on the best methods for quantifying high-medium SNR bird sounds

Related to my recent post, I am working on finding a way to 1) diagnose the presence of two kinds of specific bird sounds throughout my hundreds of hours of audio data, and perhaps to 2) analyze the ...
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Tools to visualize and compare species detections in long-term recordings

I am looking for a tool to visualize detections (species of choice) in long-term recordings (e.g. over month, over year). I have manual annotations of many files produced in Raven Pro. Raven selection ...
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What are the differences in selection table data in Raven Pro versus Raven Lite when labeling vocalizations?

For the purposes of creating a library of labeled vocalizations for suite of species to use in a machine learning algorithm - is there a difference in using Raven Lite versus Raven Pro in terms of the ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Batch-update Raven selection tables with new measurements?

I have gone through hundreds of recordings in Raven Pro 1.6, taking a suite of measurements on each one. I now have a batch of txt files (Raven selection tables) with the measurements. Let's say I ...
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How to completely remove upper frequencies from a vocalization?

I have recorded animal calls in the wild, and I have lots of background noises (bird calls, cicadas etc.). Since my animal calls are quite low-pitched, I don't need the upper part of my spectrograms ...
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