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Detecting and measuring particle motion and sound movement through water and sand

Does anyone know of good equipment to measure particle motion in the water, and transferred sound vibrations/pressure through sand underwater (from playbacks)? I have read that some people recommend ...
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What are linear decibels (dBL) and how do they compare to standard dB SPL?

I'm reading through an EIS that has a blast monitoring section where blasts are characterized by Peak Pressure Level (PPL) measured in linear decibels (dBL). I cannot find a good definition of this ...
10 votes
2 answers

extent of sound transmission from air to water

How would one go about calculating the amount of sound transmitted from air to water? From experience recording bats over water surfaces I suspect a lot of sound is reflected back up into the air. ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Why are high frequency sounds absorbed more than low frequency sound?

Atmospheric absorption seems to play a big role in bat echolocation as it apparently strongly limits perception range. I know absorption changes with frequency, but I don't understand why, and all the ...
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Simulating indoor/terrestrial sound propagation to test analysis workflows

I'm currently trying to analyse multi-channel audio recorded in a cave (reverberant conditions). I'd like to check how well my bat calls are being localized, and the extent to which reverberance ...
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2 answers

Why does sound from ships propagate better in deep water than in shallow water?

I saw the following graph in a blog post about how shipping noise affects whales. Why does the sound seem to propagate better in deep water than in shallow water? Are there any known marine species ...