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How to set frequency limits when using acoustic_complexity_index() from scikit-maad?

I have previously used R and the functions ACI() from seewave and acoustic_complexity() from soundecology to calculate the Acoustic Complexity Index (ACI). However, I am transitioning to using Python ...
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How do I format the EVO 256GB SD cards using the SoundTrap ST600 software (version 4 up)

First time user of the SoundTrap Host (version here. When I insert the EVO 256GB SD card using a card reader, there's no PC prompt warning (which means it is formatted to PC style I ...
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Is there a central repository for soundscape literature?

Soundscape measurements can provide critical context to bioacoustics studies, and there’s been a lot of recent developments in soundscape technology and research. A central repository for soundscape ...
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How to Remove Hydrophone Alarm from the First 3 Seconds of Every Recording

I am currently doing soundscape analysis across three years. However, the data from one of the years has a hydrophone alarm while the other two years do not. As you can understand, this is a problem ...
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Is there a minimum duration that maad indices will work on?

I'm calculating soundscape indices using scikit-maad's all_temporal_alpha_indices and all_spectral_alpha_indices. I will be ...
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Ecoacoustics: Market Size and Major Private Players

Is there any literature or market report that summarizes the business opportunity for ecoacoustics as a field. Who are the major private tech companies who have solutions in this domain and what is ...
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MATLAB Crashed When Using PAMGuide for Large Datasets

I am trying to do soundscape analysis (LTSA, PSDs, TOLs) using PAMGuide in MATLAB. However, after loading about 50-100 files/455 files (depending on my frequency range), MATLAB crashes. Given that the ...
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Software for calculating long-duration false-colour spectrogram?

I'd like to calculate a set of false colour spectrograms, from long-duration audio -- i.e. the type of visualisation introduced by Michael Towsey's research group at QUT, like this: The QUT ...
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Uncalibrated results and non-recognition of timestamp with Meta function of PAMGuide in R

I need to calculate calibrated soundscape metrics for 2 months continuous recordings made with SoundTraps HF600, so I thougth about using PAMGuide (Merchant et al. 2015). I've tried using the Meta ...
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How to measure long-term dataset for soundscape AND impulsivity?

I have years of passive acoustic monitoring data collected on several full-bandwidth underwater noise recorders around windfarms. Given the volume of the data, I need to automate the analysis, and am ...
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Comparison of Soundscape metrics from different software?

There are a number of software packages available for describing soundscape and differing views on which approach is 'best' (see this thread), and there have been attempts at developing standards for ...
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What soundscape visualizations are useful for assessing biodiversity over long time periods (>1 year)

I'm interested in effective methods to visualize and subsequently analyze long-term acoustic datasets, including those from disparate datasets. Are there preferred color schemes that work well for ...
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What are linear decibels (dBL) and how do they compare to standard dB SPL?

I'm reading through an EIS that has a blast monitoring section where blasts are characterized by Peak Pressure Level (PPL) measured in linear decibels (dBL). I cannot find a good definition of this ...
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Determination of position of a vocalizing animal [closed]

I am interested in passive acoustic monitoring of bird in difficult to access terrain. But then I want to know if sensors can determine the exact position of vocalising birds
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Calculate noise exceedance levels - passive acoustic monitoring

I am trying to describe the acoustic environment at a nature reserve based on continuous passive acoustic monitoring. I am using calibrated SM4 (Wildlife acoustics). KaleidoscopePro does provide batch ...
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What soundscape metrics best capture shipping noise?

Some studies, like Haver et al 2019 use broadband measurements between 50 Hz - 1.5 kHz, but Haver et al 2020 looked for shipping noise in median power spectral densities between 10 Hz - 2 kHz, and ...
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Nomenclature for soundscape work in popular media

In interviews with media professionals, everyone is looking for an effective phrase to communicate what soundscape analysis is and why an unnaturally loud soundscape can impede the communication ...
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Software for calculating long-term spectral averages

What software programs exist that can be used to calculate sound levels for long-durations of continuous audio files? A helpful list of other sound processing programs was shared recently: https://...
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My soundscape archives are getting messy. Any database structure/metadata recommendations?

I face big data archives of field recordings collected with Autonomous Recording Units (ARUs) and I am wondering of some standard database structure that I should respect. Any reports or papers you ...
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Should we just trash files with audio saturation/clipping?

I need to conduct some soundscape analysis collected in bird colonies on remote islets. Seabirds are loud! I end up with files with regular audio saturation/clipping. The waveform is pretty obvious. ...
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What are the fastest opensource tools to calculate soundscape indices?

Soundscape indices are being used to summarize, present, and compare patterns of biological diversity. With ever-larger datasets, we need more and more efficient tools for calculating these indices. ...
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What is the purpose of millidecades vs decidecades in software MANTA?

The new software called MANTA makes power spectral density plots for various percentiles for any file or set of files you put into the GUI. Bitbucket site for the software is here: https://bitbucket....
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