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Uncalibrated results and non-recognition of timestamp with Meta function of PAMGuide in R

I need to calculate calibrated soundscape metrics for 2 months continuous recordings made with SoundTraps HF600, so I thougth about using PAMGuide (Merchant et al. 2015). I've tried using the Meta ...
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1 answer

How can you incorporate the hydrophone calibration in Avisoft?

I am stuck in being able to calibrate the avisoft. I have a soundtrap Hf300 and I'm not sure how to insert the data into the avisoft calibration. Any advice? Thanks All the best
19 votes
6 answers

Can you have SoundTrap recorders as carry-on luggage in a plane?

I will be travelling in the field by plane with a SoundTrap recorder and its hydrophone. It will be an international flight (USA to Canada) with Air Canada. I am planning to take this as a carry on ...
14 votes
1 answer

safety protocol for working with flooded housing with lithium batteries

As noted by others here, there have been occasions where recorder housings flood, and this can lead to damage to the lithium batteries. We are looking to develop safety protocol in case this happens ...
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18 votes
1 answer

SoundTrap calibration at high frequencies

SoundTraps, like all high frequency recorders, are highly unlikely to have a flat frequency response. Although there is some calibration information at 250 Hz from the manufacturer this will not ...
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15 votes
3 answers

SoundTrap 500 Data recovery

We have 2 ST500s both of which seem to have developed hardware issues (battery maybe). I've tried charging them directly by connecting to a wall charger but the blue light does not go off (24hrs+). It ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Does anyone knows how to correctly input SoundTraps calibration data in PAMGuard for accurate noise measurements?

I am working with data from 3 different HF500 SoundTraps. To compare noise levels across stations, I would like to calibrate the measurements using the calibration values provided by the manufacturer. ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why is my SoundTrap 640 being read as a SoundTrap 600 in the host software?

When prepping some SoundTrap 640s for deployment, I noticed in the ST host software that a couple 640s were being read as SoundTrap 600s. In the 'Status' window on the right of the software, it no ...