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6 votes
5 answers

What Autonomous Recording Units (ARU) allow on-board compression?

In an attempt to spare storage, I'm interested in reducing the size of continuous recordings of soundscapes. Are there some Autonomous Recording Units that are able to do this on-board? More ...
7 votes
3 answers

Alternative to tuneR::readWave function in R?

tuneR's readWave function is good and works pretty quickly for loading audio recordings into R. But I was wondering if there are any alternative functions for loading .wav files? And if so, are ...
24 votes
12 answers

What is an easy way to split .wav files using R or Matlab?

I have some very long .wav files that are taking a long time to process. There are only short sections within this longer file that I'm interested in analysing. Is there an efficient way to split ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Maximum wav file size for reasonable processing in PAMGuard

I would like to maximize the file size of my wav files for continuous recordings without significantly sacrificing the performance of PAMGuard analysis. I realize this depends computer specs (among ...
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