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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Open-source software for passive acoustic monitoring that allows real-time and later analysis of recordings including detection, classification, and localization. All posts using this tag should inclu…
53 questions
Questions related to the R programming language
35 questions
questions related to using SoundTrap underwater recorders including deployment and recovery, troubleshooting, and working with SoundTrap-collected acoustic data
31 questions
Questions related to Passive Acoustic Monitoring of animals, by stationary recorders, recorders towed behind ships, or deployed on gliders or other moving platforms. Covers both practical issues of ha…
29 questions
27 questions
Questions related to measuring a device's frequency-response and sensitivity.
24 questions
18 questions
Questions related to collecting, analyzing & interpreting bird vocalizations; best practices in ornithology for bioacoustics (hardware, software & otherwise)
16 questions
15 questions
14 questions
13 questions
Questions related to how insects detect/process and produce sounds/vibrations, and how they communicate through these modalities.
13 questions
12 questions
12 questions
all questions related to animal echolocation where an individual emits sound and uses the returning echoes to navigate.
12 questions
11 questions
11 questions
11 questions
Questions relating to the collection, analysis & interpretation of marine mammal vocalizations; or relating to best practices for bioacoustics research with cetaceans, pinnipeds, and other marine mamm…
11 questions
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