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What are folks doing with extra microSD card adapters?

With the amount of ST600 deployments we do, I order a lot of microSD cards. Every time they come with an adapter, which I do not need more than 2 or 3 on hand. I have a dedicated microSD card case to ...
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Best practice for acoustic data organisation and viewing different datasets in viewer mode

I have SoundTrap acoustic data (ST's were run with a click detector) and I keep two backups of the data in separate hard drives and then work on a copy of these files. I have four devices (two ...
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What is the purpose of overlapping windows in acoustic signal processing?

When reading the methods sections of bioacoustics papers, I often see a window length and % overlap reported in the description of how the spectral analysis was done. What is the purpose of this? ...
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Permits for projecting sounds underwater?

I was recently scheduled to do some fieldwork in Canada, and this started with a calibration of our recording equipment. The calibration entailed projecting simulated clicks (from 10-150 kHz) to our ...
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