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Is it possible to calculate the SPL of a sound from a wav audio file?

I recorded a frog's call at a distance of 1 m, with a Tascam DR40x recorder and its internal microphone. I want to know if there is a way to calculate what is the SPL in dB of that call or/and the ...
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How to adjust seewave spectro to account for hydrophone sensitivity?

I am using seewave's spectro() to generate a spectrogram from a hydrophone recording. My call is: ...
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How to convert relative db to db SPL knowing microphone specifications?

Similarly to this discussion (Is it common to have a negative-positive dB range in underwater spectrograms?), I used the 'seewave' R package to plot the below spectrograms. I limited the coloured ...
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$10\log_{10}(X)$ or $20\log_{10}(X)$ dB values - how to tell?

Inspired by this question on dBs, I wanted to ask about a potentially dumb confusion I always have. When referring to an absolute measurement value, dBs always come with a reference. However, it is ...
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"dB [re 1 µPa]" notation - why sometimes with a reference, and sometimes without?

I've come across several different formats for reporting acoustic measurements. One that has particularly confused me is when someone reports the source level of something as, for example, "120 ...
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How can I improve dynamic range for towed hydrophones?

Dynamic range is the ratio of the strongest, or loudest part to the weakest, or softest and is measured in dB (as explained in Ch 11 of Applied Underwater Acoustics). This site offers a musician's ...
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Comparing energy levels from two different hydrophones

I have two hydrophones to record the acoustic landscape of my study area. The two hydrophones have different sensitivities so I get different dB values for the same acoustic events. To get the energy ...
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