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Are there any advantages to collecting data at a sampling rate higher than a recording device can physically record?

Background: As an example, the Swift recording device can record at a sampling rate up to 96 kHz (with a corresponding effective rate of 48 kHz). However, the highest frequency response that the ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Recommandation to design a fish tank for acoustic experiments

Hi Bioacoustic community, We have been doing several experiments in fish tanks to identify fish sounds. However, the resonance degrades a lot the signal recorded with the hydrophone. The resonance ...
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11 votes
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Anyone have experience using frequency trigger in AudioMoth?

I was curious if anyone has used the frequency trigger in AudioMoth and if they found it functioned well? I’m exploring the idea of using it to detect lower frequency anthrophony (30-200 hz) to ...
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Software packages to run microphone frequency-response calibrations?

I will need to measure microphone frequency responses in the coming weeks. In the past I have always used scripts I wrote or written by colleagues. They seemed to work, but required tweaking each time ...
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