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Uncalibrated results and non-recognition of timestamp with Meta function of PAMGuide in R

I need to calculate calibrated soundscape metrics for 2 months continuous recordings made with SoundTraps HF600, so I thougth about using PAMGuide (Merchant et al. 2015). I've tried using the Meta ...
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2 answers

Duty Cycling on FPOD

I am attempting to program an FPODs software to record periodically at 1 min out of 2, but when we save the specific settings file "F_SETS.txt", the POD doesn't read it automatically (as I ...
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22 votes
5 answers

Comparison of Soundscape metrics from different software?

There are a number of software packages available for describing soundscape and differing views on which approach is 'best' (see this thread), and there have been attempts at developing standards for ...
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How can you incorporate the hydrophone calibration in Avisoft?

I am stuck in being able to calibrate the avisoft. I have a soundtrap Hf300 and I'm not sure how to insert the data into the avisoft calibration. Any advice? Thanks All the best
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1 answer

Robust constant-recording software

We have a screening set up to record from singing male songbirds and need a way to continuously record their cages 24/7 but only save files when sound is detected (we have a post-processing step that ...
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27 votes
4 answers

Categories of Bioacoustics Software

Some of you may have seen Tessa Rhinehart great list of bioacoustics software We're in the process of trying to turn this into an easier to use ...
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20 votes
4 answers

Software for calculating long-term spectral averages

What software programs exist that can be used to calculate sound levels for long-durations of continuous audio files? A helpful list of other sound processing programs was shared recently: https://...
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7 votes
2 answers

Replacements for Sound Analysis Pro 2011 given Compatibility Issues

We are working a lot with audio recordings from songbirds in our lab. For the past decade, everybody was using a custom software called Sound Analysis Pro 2011 (SAP2011, for ...
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