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How to adjust seewave spectro to account for hydrophone sensitivity?

I am using seewave's spectro() to generate a spectrogram from a hydrophone recording. My call is: ...
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How to convert relative db to db SPL knowing microphone specifications?

Similarly to this discussion (Is it common to have a negative-positive dB range in underwater spectrograms?), I used the 'seewave' R package to plot the below spectrograms. I limited the coloured ...
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dynaSpec R package is creating an MP4 file with only audio and no video

I am trying to visualize a short recording of an insect, using a WAV file, using the scrolling_spectro command in the R package ...
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Editing av_spectrogram_video R

I'm trying out producing some spectrogram videos in R for presentations and sharing through av_spectrogram_video (from the av package), but would like to crop the spectrogram to zoom in on lower ...
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How to make class activation maps from audio

I am interested in class activation maps to interpret the results of classifications by a deep neural network, as shown in pages 173-180 (Figures 5.8 to 5.15) of the thesis of S. Kahl (2020) https://...
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Spectrograms with ggplot2?

My question is related to this one I'm looking for a way of plotting beautiful spectrograms that would be compatible with ggplot2 in R, so that I can add some lines, points, annotations, or control ...
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Suggested method for creating figure from spectrogram?

How do folks suggest creating a publication ready spectrogram? I'm looking to show just ~5secs and 1000Hz. Thanks in advance!
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Standardising spectrogram amplitude

I'm trying to plot the spectrogram of blast fishing sounds. The level of background sound is relatively similar across all recordings. When I plot files with bombs the background sound shows as quiet, ...
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Is it common to have a negative-positive dB range in underwater spectrograms?

I am using the "seewave" R package to plot spectrograms in R. Since my recordings were taken underwater, I specified as reference value 1 μPa. Here is my code: ...
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How to make a spectrogram in R

I have a a wave file and I need to make a spectrogram in R. I also need to be able to look at a specific time of the whole recording in the spectrogram. Anybody knows how to?
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Manual annotation of events with varying detectability

When creating an algorithm to perform a specific task on audio recordings, it is sometimes needed to first perform the task manually in order to create a reference which can then be used to train and ...
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Preferred R code settings/packages for publication-level spectrograms

I need to include spectrograms in a manuscript and was wondering what peoples' preferred R packages/code settings/etc. were for high-quality spectrogram plots? I know there are a bunch of options in ...
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