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Is it possible to calculate the SPL of a sound from a wav audio file?

I recorded a frog's call at a distance of 1 m, with a Tascam DR40x recorder and its internal microphone. I want to know if there is a way to calculate what is the SPL in dB of that call or/and the ...
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How to convert relative db to db SPL knowing microphone specifications?

Similarly to this discussion (Is it common to have a negative-positive dB range in underwater spectrograms?), I used the 'seewave' R package to plot the below spectrograms. I limited the coloured ...
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Is it common to have a negative-positive dB range in underwater spectrograms?

I am using the "seewave" R package to plot spectrograms in R. Since my recordings were taken underwater, I specified as reference value 1 μPa. Here is my code: ...
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What is the order of magnitude of water-wave pressure as compared to that of a typical animal communication sound?

Ideal water waves are surface mechanical waves which are ruled by wind (disturbing force) and gravity (restoring force): CC BY-NC-ND This work by Dan Russell is licensed under a Creative Commons ...
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Calibrate automatic recorders: advice for reliable / reproducible workflow?

I would like to get the ambient noise levels of a habitat that I have been monitoring for some time (monitoring birds, 0-16 kHz). For this, I want to calibrate my recorders and get their sensitivity ...
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How do I estimate the quantization error in recordings based on bit depth?

I've found myself looking this up about once every few years so thought this would be a good place to pose the question for others (to look up every few years). When considering the precision of ...
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When measuring sound pressure level (SPL) on a signal, how can I exclude SPL coming from background noise?

I am measuring SPL of playback bird songs as the RMS of amplitude envelopes. SPL is being measured on the waveform, not using a sound level meter. I want to compare SPL for sounds within the same ...
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