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Retrieving audio information of multiple wav files in r

I would like to ask if I could retrieve information, such as sample rate, bit rate, length of file, and stereo/mono layout, from multiple .wav files at a time in R, from a file list for example? Most ...
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How to preserve amplitude scale from original .wav audio file to output .wav file in seewave and tuneR packages after filtering

I am currently working on a project where I would like to read in an audio file, apply a butterworth filter, and then export the filtered audio file while preserving the scale of the amplitude from ...
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How do I produce a wav. file every time I manually select a signal using spectrogram annotation?

I am trying to extract wav. files every time I manually select a signal using the Spectrogram Annotation Module in PAMGuard . The only way I have found to do this automatically is by using the clip ...
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Help with playback experiment with .wav files/ generated signals, PAMGuard/Labview software

I am working on conducting an a playback experiment with PODs and I am running into a few difficulties. The hardware set up for the playbacks is similar to that in Amundin et al., 2022/ Nuuttila et al....
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Open files stored in multiple folders in Raven Pro

I want to open multiple wav files in sequence in Raven Pro, but they are stored in multiple sub-folders (one per day). Do you know if this is possible, or if I have to save all my files in the same ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to automatically ignore sections of sound files - crop wav files before processing or manipulate database after?

I am processing a large amount of SoundTrap data in PAMGuard. In some cases, the calibration tones were enabled during data collection, meaning they appear at the beginning of each sound file, and ...
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What Autonomous Recording Units (ARU) allow on-board compression?

In an attempt to spare storage, I'm interested in reducing the size of continuous recordings of soundscapes. Are there some Autonomous Recording Units that are able to do this on-board? More ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Alternative to tuneR::readWave function in R?

tuneR's readWave function is good and works pretty quickly for loading audio recordings into R. But I was wondering if there are ...
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What is an easy way to split .wav files using R or Matlab?

I have some very long .wav files that are taking a long time to process. There are only short sections within this longer file that I'm interested in analysing. Is there an efficient way to split ...
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Maximum wav file size for reasonable processing in PAMGuard

I would like to maximize the file size of my wav files for continuous recordings without significantly sacrificing the performance of PAMGuard analysis. I realize this depends computer specs (among ...
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