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Impossible to extract the whistle contour on PAMGuard

It's impossible for me to extract the whistle contour with pamguard. I'm using ROCCA. I notice that the lowpass and highpass filters aren’t on all the spectrogram maybe it’s because of that ? Do you ...
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Improving whistle detection rates in PAMGuard

I'm new to PAMGuard and have been trying to use it to detect whistles (of common & Atlantic white-sided dolphins) and I've been having issues with detection accuracy. I'm running the whistle and ...
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Using Kaleidoscope Pro for delphinid whistle detection- how to improve detection rates?

We have 6+ years of continuous underwater recordings, in which we are currently trying to quantify whistle counts/activity. I have been trying to use Kaleidoscope Pro for whistle detection with signal ...
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Echosounder setting off automated whistle detector in PAMGuard - Help!

I have underwater acoustic recordings and am interested in marking out dolphin whistles. I am currently having to manually remove an echosounder (which has a bit of a sweep to it), as I do not want my ...
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Simultaneous whistles and clicks?

Does anybody know if cetaceans can produce simultaneous click and whistle sounds? In case they can't, if a recording shows simultaneous clicks and whistle sound can we infer that there are, at least, ...
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How to extract the timing and received level of spectrogram annotations manually marked in PAMguard?

I am using the Whistle and Moan Detector (WMD) in PAMGuard to count whistles in recordings of common dolphins to quantify the whistle activity in response to simulated sonar sounds. The whistle ...
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How many names can a dolphin remember?

This fascinating article in Science says that each dolphin has it's own name (which is communicated as a "whistle"), and other dolphins can recognize each other by their "name". ...
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