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Mr Lister
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I know about C, CS, CSS, SCSS and so on.
C++, not a problem whatsoever. The trick is to avoid new.
Some JS implementations still scare me though. "return less than hr divided by greater than"?

  • #SOreadyToHelp!

  • Warning: I downvote answers that suggest z-index:1000000000 or !important as solutions to CSS problems.

  • Mozilla user since 1997. Continuously. No matter the name.

  • "Error: your new password is easy to remember. Please choose a password that is impossible to remember instead."

  • My hobby: flagging comments that say "This question is off topic because it happens to contain the word SEO"

  • 4 March 2020: celebrating 10 years of the official death of MSIE6. Hurray! Oh wait.

  • "We value your privacy! So we won't let you in until you accept tracking cookies."

  • 20 years of experience in JavaScript and today I found you don't need a temporary to swap two variables. Well.

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