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Are there any (natural) ears that are sensitive to particle acceleration?

I know 2 types of ears in the animal kingdom: tympanal ears to detect the force exerted by air particles on a surface a.k.a. sound pressure (e.g. in mammals, birds, some insects, etc) hairs/antennal ...
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What is the order of magnitude of water-wave pressure as compared to that of a typical animal communication sound?

Ideal water waves are surface mechanical waves which are ruled by wind (disturbing force) and gravity (restoring force): CC BY-NC-ND This work by Dan Russell is licensed under a Creative Commons ...
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Are "acoustic waves" the same as "mechanical waves"?

In my physics program, “acoustics” was referring to any mechanical waves that use local compression/rarefaction of medium particles to propagate, whatever the propagating medium (gas, liquid, solid). ...
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