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Infer active space distance based on SNR or SPL measured at 2 distances

I did a sound degradation experiment in which I played model sounds from a speaker and the re-recorded at 4 distances (1, 35, 60 and 100m). I would like to estimate the distance in which sound ...
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How to preserve amplitude scale from original .wav audio file to output .wav file in seewave and tuneR packages after filtering

I am currently working on a project where I would like to read in an audio file, apply a butterworth filter, and then export the filtered audio file while preserving the scale of the amplitude from ...
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Standardising spectrogram amplitude

I'm trying to plot the spectrogram of blast fishing sounds. The level of background sound is relatively similar across all recordings. When I plot files with bombs the background sound shows as quiet, ...
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Best practice for measuring amplitude of biophony

It is often useful to quantitatively measure (or at least estimate) the amplitude of an acoustic event such as a bird song. The desired measurement could be, for instance, that a bird sang at 105 dB ...
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How do animals gauge the distance of a sound source?

I'm wondering if there are any common principles for how animals gauge the distance of a sound source. How to differentiate between a close, soft sound and a loud distant sound? For example, ...
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