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How to set frequency limits when using acoustic_complexity_index() from scikit-maad?

I have previously used R and the functions ACI() from seewave and acoustic_complexity() from soundecology to calculate the Acoustic Complexity Index (ACI). However, I am transitioning to using Python ...
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2 answers

Difference TFSD from seewave and scikit-maad

I noticed a difference in output when computing the TFSD using the seewave R package and the scikit-maad implementation in python. Is there any justification and is it possible to get the same result ...
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How do I use BirdNet without getting an error?

BirdNet is very new to me and I can't really find a guide online. I've installed it, and I've done the 'pip3 install pywebview gradio' to use the GUI version. Every time I've uploaded a recording and ...
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Python Module to Parse 'GUANO' .wav file metadata

Anyone has suggestions for python module to read the GUANO file metadata generated by Wildlife Acoustics Echo Meter Touch application. Unfortunately,...
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How to decode .dat files obtained from SonoTrack?

Disclaimer: I have advanced knowledge of Python, R, and Matlab, so we can skip the basics (such as how to load a file into a programing environment). The quest is to somehow decode data from .dat ...
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Is there a minimum duration that maad indices will work on?

I'm calculating soundscape indices using scikit-maad's all_temporal_alpha_indices and all_spectral_alpha_indices. I will be ...
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Standardising spectrogram amplitude

I'm trying to plot the spectrogram of blast fishing sounds. The level of background sound is relatively similar across all recordings. When I plot files with bombs the background sound shows as quiet, ...
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MATLAB versus Python versus R - what are the advantages and disadvanatges for bioacoustics? [closed]

MATLAB, Python and R are commonly used in bioacoustics. Whilst all three languages are excellent choices, it is difficult to ask entrants into bioacoustics to learn all three. I have tried to put ...
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Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) where to start?

I am finally getting into signal identification and would like to test Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). I am working in R and willing to do Python. What packages are you using in those two ...
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