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What is the threshold to distinguish a birdsong dialect?

I was wondering how researchers are able to establish that a geographic song variation in terrestrial birds is actually a song dialect. What is the threshold of acoustic indices which could identify ...
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2 answers

Tools to simulate bird call sound propagation at a landscape scale

I would like to model the propagation of a bird call in a landscape, taking into account, landscape vegetation, slope, temperature and so on. I found SPREAD-GIS (ARC_Gis module) a while ago and it did ...
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Robust constant-recording software

We have a screening set up to record from singing male songbirds and need a way to continuously record their cages 24/7 but only save files when sound is detected (we have a post-processing step that ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Locating birds by their calls with improvised equipment. Can algorithms rescue this setup?

In winter, I can usually hear one or two birds in an area, and I occasionally see them flitting through the air – but it's usually too dark to see them except in motion, silhouetted against the sky. ...
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Could territorial birdsong be directed at other species?

Birds sing to attract mates and deter conspecific rivals. But often, birds of different species may compete for the same resources. Are there studies of territorial song being used to ward off rivals ...
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How do you deal with songs vs. calls when assessing BirdNET detection rates?

I am using BirdNET in projects to assess breeding bird acoustic phenology. BirdNET has provided a compelling opportunity to transition away from acoustic indices (which, though useful, provide ...
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2 answers

How can I motivate birds to sing in sound shielded boxes?

I wanted to record some canary songs. I housed a pair of domestic canaries to a sound shielded box in Spring, but they did not sing there at all. The male was a good singer in the grouped bird cage. ...
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Bird call/song adjustment to the physical environment

Do birds alter their calls/songs when they are in open areas vs in closed areas (e.g., grassland vs forest)? This kind of habitat based response is seen a lot in active sensing animals (bats emit ...
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Replacements for Sound Analysis Pro 2011 given Compatibility Issues

We are working a lot with audio recordings from songbirds in our lab. For the past decade, everybody was using a custom software called Sound Analysis Pro 2011 (SAP2011) for a plethora of tasks. The ...
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