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How can I measure indisctict temporal(Pulse duration) properties of call?

I'm in my very first year of master's course and bioacoustic studies. My topic is the temporal/spectral structure of Rain call in Treefrog, which is poorly investigated for its function worldwide. ...
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What kind of cheap ultrasound speaker would you recommend for basic playback tests?

I'd like to test the sound response of some rodents to ultrasounds (~40-100 kHz), but my recording/playback devices (microphone, speaker, soundcard) are for human-hearing range. Regarding speakers, ...
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Help identifying the species or group for this ultrasonic vocalization (a rat?)

I am reviewing some audio recorded with an Audiomoth a couple of weeks ago in Bolivia (south America). The target group was bats, but I found these vocalizations which are unlikely for a bat due to ...
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What is the threshold to distinguish a birdsong dialect?

I was wondering how researchers are able to establish that a geographic song variation in terrestrial birds is actually a song dialect. What is the threshold of acoustic indices which could identify ...
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Is it true that cats don't really meow at each other, but rather at humans as a way to communicate?

This is one of those little factoids that is tossed around a lot. Cats meow as a means to communicate with humans, and not really at each other. It's a fact passed around at parties or in pop sci ...
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Guidelines/Standards for terrestrial ecoacoustics studies

Can you provide useful resources about existing guidelines/standards (or even common practices) for terrestrial ecoacoustics studies (recording entire soundscapes, not specific taxa)? More ...
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Terrestrial & aquatic/marine collaborations in bioacoustics

Bioacoustics at present seems very split into two camps, terrestrial & marine/aquatic and it doesn't seem like there is as much collaboration between the two as there could be given the ...
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Existing research on using passive acoustics to monitor Pika or other small, vocal mammals?

I'm interested in using passive acoustics to monitor for the presence of pika (Ochotona spp.). I have found very few publications that consider pika vocalizations (none in the last decade), and none ...
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Where do you put a terrestrial recorder if you have no freestanding structures to attach it to, and also can't put a stake in the ground?

I have a terrestrial acoustic monitoring situation that presents two challenges: Acoustic monitoring is being conducted in an area with limited options for attaching the units (i.e., very few ...
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Calculate noise exceedance levels - passive acoustic monitoring

I am trying to describe the acoustic environment at a nature reserve based on continuous passive acoustic monitoring. I am using calibrated SM4 (Wildlife acoustics). KaleidoscopePro does provide batch ...
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Differences in length of time Audiomoths record with same batteries/SD cards/settings?

I deployed 26 Audiomoths in my last field season and am just starting to organize the data. I've noticed that there seems to be a LOT of variation in the amount of time each device recorded - the ...
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Simulating indoor/terrestrial sound propagation to test analysis workflows

I'm currently trying to analyse multi-channel audio recorded in a cave (reverberant conditions). I'd like to check how well my bat calls are being localized, and the extent to which reverberance ...
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Packages to acoustically localise animals with microphone arrays

I'm looking to localise vocalising (terrestrial) animals (in my case bat calls) based on time-difference-of-arrivals with an open-source package (preferably written in an open-source language too). ...
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