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Improving whistle detection rates in PAMGuard

I'm new to PAMGuard and have been trying to use it to detect whistles (of common & Atlantic white-sided dolphins) and I've been having issues with detection accuracy. I'm running the whistle and ...
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SoundTrap ST600 click detector for delphinids and porpoises

We are deploying a number of SoundTrap ST600s and are currently trying to determine the best parameters for the click detector. We are most likely to encounter Harbour Porpoise and Bottlenose Dolphins,...
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What contributes to differences in click structure for populations of the same species?

I am examining the case of Pacific White-sided Dolphins as an example. Reading Melissa Soldvevilla's 2017 paper sparked my interest in this topic. In the paper, 'Geographic variation in Risso’s ...
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Is this sound made by 'Flipper' dolphin tv series real?

Flipper was a tv show in the 60s about a dolphin and his humans. There is this sound that flipper supposedly makes out of water that is unlike any other dolphin sound I have heard (I have studied ...
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What sound level metric to use when relating ambient noise level to animals?

I'm trying to measure elevation in ambient noise levels due to boat activity and relate this to bottlenose dolphins and how it may effect them. Mammals integrate sounds over one-third octave bands (...
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Can you derive group size from a recording of dolphins?

I have some recordings from an array of 5 ST300 stationary recorders, which recorded overnight during calm weather. Our recorders were set up in a square, with 25 m between each corner and one logger ...
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How many names can a dolphin remember?

This fascinating article in Science says that each dolphin has it's own name (which is communicated as a "whistle"), and other dolphins can recognize each other by their "name". ...