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Questions tagged [marine-mammals]

Questions relating to the collection, analysis & interpretation of marine mammal vocalizations; or relating to best practices for bioacoustics research with cetaceans, pinnipeds, and other marine mammals

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1 answer

Detect 20 Hz Fin Whale Songs with PAMGuard

I want to use PAMGuard to detect 20 Hz fin whale vocalizations from audio files that I've created from low frequency (fs = 200 Hz) hydrophone data. I've figured out how to load the audio file and ...
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How do I format the EVO 256GB SD cards using the SoundTrap ST600 software (version 4 up)

First time user of the SoundTrap Host (version here. When I insert the EVO 256GB SD card using a card reader, there's no PC prompt warning (which means it is formatted to PC style I ...
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4 answers

Help Identifying Low-Frequency Sound

hoping to get some assistance identifying this sound type. I'm currently in the process of reviewing some data collected from a stationary hydrophone off the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island, ...
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Is there any sound repelent/attractant to help rescuing a Beluga who got lost in a river far from the sea?

I've seen in the news that a live Beluga whale has been identified in a French river (Seine, very busy and polluted, >150 km from the sea), which is particularly rare as no Beluga has been seen ...
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Mystery Marine Animal Sound off Georgia USA in Western Atlantic

I am trying to learn the source of the sound in the spectrogram below. It has been recorded in early to late winter (January/February) on the shelf (25 m depth) off the US state of Georgia in the ...
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What contributes to differences in click structure for populations of the same species?

I am examining the case of Pacific White-sided Dolphins as an example. Reading Melissa Soldvevilla's 2017 paper sparked my interest in this topic. In the paper, 'Geographic variation in Risso’s ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Any marine-mammal species that produce a nighttime only vocalization?

I have been reading about the diel patterns of vocalizing whales. Some baleen whales have been found to increase calling at night: blue whales (Stafford et al., 2005; Wiggins et al., 2005), North ...
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Distant impact on sea mammals of propagated sound wave of underwater nuclear tests

Nuclear tests have obvious effects on life and habitats by physical destructions and irridiations. This has been widespread between the 50s and 80s, mostly from the USA (1054 tests incl. 835 ...
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3 answers

GAM() vs GEEGLM() for analyzing acoustic data in R

I've been working on a project where I'm using echolocation clicks recorded from a bottom-mounted, underwater passive acoustic recorder as a proxy for animal presence. I want to compare the presence ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Selecting an Accurate Before-During-After Analytical Framework

I would like to develop a study to look for potential effects of anthropogenic activities on marine mammal species using data from a single hydrophone. I know this limits me in terms of the way I can ...
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Unknown marine mammal call - low frequency - Evans Strait, Hudson Bay

I am working on a marine mammal survey off the coasts of Southampton Island, Hudson Bay. After checking several sound libraries, I have not been able to identify the species that makes the call below. ...
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