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Help identifying the species or group for this ultrasonic vocalization (a rat?)

I am reviewing some audio recorded with an Audiomoth a couple of weeks ago in Bolivia (south America). The target group was bats, but I found these vocalizations which are unlikely for a bat due to ...
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Help Identifying Low-Frequency Sound

hoping to get some assistance identifying this sound type. I'm currently in the process of reviewing some data collected from a stationary hydrophone off the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island, ...
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16 votes
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Is this sound made by 'Flipper' dolphin tv series real?

Flipper was a tv show in the 60s about a dolphin and his humans. There is this sound that flipper supposedly makes out of water that is unlike any other dolphin sound I have heard (I have studied ...
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Loose ID on soundscape recordings from Borneo

I'm doing some outreach and wanted to show some examples of what species can be ID'd from audio recordings. I've ID'd the Gibbon and a Bearded Pig (blue and red boxes ,respectively) + am getting some ...
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13 votes
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What is the best way to determine the function and context of animal calls?

I've come across multiple bioacoustics studies that attempt to describe the function of a particular call made by animals - i.e. by ascribing meaning to stereotyped calls that are given in particular ...
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Mystery marine animal vocalization in spring in the Bering Strait

I have manually analyzed acoustic data (Oct-May 2009-2021) from a moored hydrophone in the Bering Strait (65.78, -168.57) — about 15 km from Little Diomede and 24 km from mainland Alaska. The ...
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Unknown marine mammal call - low frequency - Evans Strait, Hudson Bay

I am working on a marine mammal survey off the coasts of Southampton Island, Hudson Bay. After checking several sound libraries, I have not been able to identify the species that makes the call below. ...
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