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Raven Pro: how to display two different selection tables at the same time?

My first post here... Using BirdNET, I have created two selection tables, each at a different Confidence setting, for display in RavenPro. The source files are 48k, 2-channel, 16-bit signed .WAV. I ...
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How can I pair a scrolling spectrogram with high resolution video?

I’m looking for a way to review very high resolution video alongside a scrolling spectrogram of the associated audio track. Some DAWs that have spectrograms (Adobe Audition,Reaper) allow for ...
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Sustainable alternatives to sonobuoys?

Sonobuoys are expendable temporary hydrophones typically used by the military, but they can and are used for real-time tracking and localization of vocalizing marine animals. There are obvious ...
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Categories of Bioacoustics Software

Some of you may have seen Tessa Rhinehart great list of bioacoustics software We're in the process of trying to turn this into an easier to use ...
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Methods to segment CF and FM components of a call?

I have single-channel recordings of horseshoe/rhinolophid bats which have call shapes with a 'tabletop' or 'staple-pin' shape. (See spectrogram below). The flat portion is the 'constant-frequency' ...
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Measurements to report when describing new animal vocalization

This may be slightly similar to this question and this one. I am in the process of describing a new marine animal vocalization (unknown species). Are there recommended call measurements to report when ...
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Distinguishing between types of recorder calibration

I have come across many terms to describe different types of recorder calibrations (e.g., end-to-end calibration, point calibration, factory calibration) and the whole topic of recorder calibration ...
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Data augmentation strategies for bioacoustics machine learning

When training a Neural Network for bioacoustics classification tasks I usually follow a data augmentation pipeline which is composed of: Changes in sound to noise ratio: for instance, if my sound ...
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Which methods /software/scripts can be used to time-align recordings from an acoustic array?

In the past, I used Osprey and I am aware of the script by Malinka et al., 2020. What other methods/scripts/software folks have used and would recommend? Here's some background on the dataset: I have ...
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Can we measure distance from the animal harmonic calls?

Harmonic calls have a fundamental frequency (f0) and integral multiples of that frequency as harmonic frequencies. Since the lower frequency sound wave has a low attenuation rate and the higher ...
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