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Help Identifying Low-Frequency Sound

hoping to get some assistance identifying this sound type. I'm currently in the process of reviewing some data collected from a stationary hydrophone off the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island, ...
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Mystery Marine Animal Sound off Georgia USA in Western Atlantic

I am trying to learn the source of the sound in the spectrogram below. It has been recorded in early to late winter (January/February) on the shelf (25 m depth) off the US state of Georgia in the ...
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What lossy compression is okay for marine sound?

This answer by Dan Stowell states: Every time I've seen this studied, the MP3 compression makes little-to-no impact on the subsequent analysis. However, the papers I've read are mostly about ...
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Are there conventions for describing the visual representation of sounds on a spectrogram (i.e. names for shape patterns)?

I have a growing set of bioacoustic recordings with accompanying spectrograms from marine animals in an online repository. Currently, the recordings can be searched based on the sound 'name' as ...
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Unknown upswept pulsed sound recorded offshore Peru

What is this sound from offshore Peru? I recorded this sound offshore Peru and called it the “pacman” sound for obvious reasons. This was recorded from a towed hydrophone array from a large scale ...
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Where can I find the official "limits" on what noise levels cause harm in marine mammals in US waters?

The effects of noise on marine life is a huge area of study (it even has its own conference!) but I find I'm very overwhelmed when trying to explain to a non-biologist or non-acoustician what those ...
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Unknown marine mammal call - low frequency - Evans Strait, Hudson Bay

I am working on a marine mammal survey off the coasts of Southampton Island, Hudson Bay. After checking several sound libraries, I have not been able to identify the species that makes the call below. ...
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What would be a good journal to publish an animal population density estimate using acoustic data?

I have recently submitted a manuscript estimating density of fin whales using passive acoustic data to the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. This manuscript is largely method based as it ...
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2 answers

Why does sound from ships propagate better in deep water than in shallow water?

I saw the following graph in a blog post about how shipping noise affects whales. Why does the sound seem to propagate better in deep water than in shallow water? Are there any known marine species ...
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Acoustic studies of mixed-species groups?

Mixed-species groups are commonly found throughout the animal kingdom, and often documented using visual surveys (for obvious behavioral reasons). However, I am interested in whether we can study ...
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Is there any library that gathers marine species vocalizations?

I would like to automatize the analysis of marine soundscapes by training a neural network that can detect and identify marine species. However, I need a large amount of training data to build such ...