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If we turn on a TV, is the sound pressure level of the room increased definitely?

I am a computer engineer and I am not an expert in physics. I read about Sound Pressure Level from different references but I can't solve my problem. My question is: if we turn on the TV, is the sound ...
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Retrieving audio information of multiple wav files in r

I would like to ask if I could retrieve information, such as sample rate, bit rate, length of file, and stereo/mono layout, from multiple .wav files at a time in R, from a file list for example? Most ...
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Ecoacoustics: Market Size and Major Private Players

Is there any literature or market report that summarizes the business opportunity for ecoacoustics as a field. Who are the major private tech companies who have solutions in this domain and what is ...
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Can a single tympanal ear detect the direction or distance from which a sound comes?

Are we able to detect the direction or the distance from which a sound comes with just one ear? I don't know if the inner ear works as a single point sensor or if it has multiple sensitive regions, ...
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Anthropogenic sound impacts aquatic animals

Anthropogenic sound impacts aquatic animals. Are there studies to explore sound effects on Lake Victoria Cichlids?
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Online Library for sounds of unknown origin?

There are a number of online libraries that host sounds from known sound sources (xeno-canto for birds, Macaulay Library for animals, other marine answered in this question here). Is there a library ...
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Powered speaker recommendations for listening to cetacean vocalizations

I am seeking recommendations for powered speakers with a flat frequency response. For example, I work with animals who produce low-frequency (<125 Hz) vocalizations (e.g., blue and fin whales) ...
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